Start with the matte side of the paper up. (the less shiny side)

Or in case you have a colored box top, (the side without color)

This will be the inside of the box.



Fold all of the creases toward you in preparation to begin gluing.



Start by placing glue on flap A-1... Fold corner and glue to A-2



Place glue on flap B-1... Glue to B-2 forming another corner of the box.



The box should look like this now...  Place glue on C-1 and fold over to C-2



Next apply glue to flaps D-1 and E-1 at the same time.

Fold over onto D-2 and E-2 at the same time.

This is easier than attempting them one at a time.



Apply glue to F-1 and fold onto F-2



Now you have only to apply glue to flaps G-1 and H-1

Fold them in to complete your box.



This is what it should look like now.



Repeat the steps with the lid of your box to make one complete box.

Once you make a few boxes they go rather quickly.


We suggest hot glue because it is fast setting. We will not bear any

responsibility for you burning yourself. You may choose to use a

different type of glue. The boxes are cut very accurately,

with a little care your boxes should turn out very nice.